Cole's Great British Puddings
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We have an extensive catering range and can also offer bespoke products. All of our products are handily packed for easy access and use.

Cole's Catering Selection

Our current foodservice range consists of,

  • Classic Christmas pudding, Alcohol Free Christmas pudding and Gluten Free Christmas pudding all 112g, 48 units per case.
  • A Brandy Christmas pudding 125g, 24 units per case.
  • Classic Christmas pudding and an Alcohol Free 1.2kg loaf, 6 units per case.
  • Mini Brandy Butter 42g, 24 units per case.
  • Steamed puddings in Sticky Toffee, Golden Syrup, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate and Spotted Dick 110g, 24 units per case.
  • Cranberry & Orange Liqueur Rich Fruit pudding 150g, 24 units per case.
  • Rich Fruit pudding with Scottish Whisky 112g, 24 units per case.
  • Black Cherry & Amaretto Rich Fruit pudding 135g, 24 units per case.

If you require something that is not currently listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.